Realization - Screenshots!

Do you know what I just realized? I have had many different formatting a display styles for this blog over its lifetime, right? and many times I have referred to the changing of those styles in posts - but now that that was ages ago, I have no way of going back and seeing what my blog looked like before.

What I've realized, over two and half years after this blog was created, is that I should have taken screenshots. Then we'd all be able to see the evolution of the Publisher's aesthetics. But, my thought process on this problem having been so slow, all that is lost to us. But to at least save what I can of history, I have taken a screenshot of the current style:

If you see this post right now, this picture may seem redundant. But believe me, in a few years, when the Publisher will likely look completely different, it will be greatly appreciated - at least by me.