Two Eves, One Day

This last week has been pretty productive for me: I finished my midterms and am currently moving forward forcefully on class readings so that I can use what time is left to begin some real work on my big research papers that I have for several classes. I am, in other words, relaxed and confident, but I am intent on doing as much as I can while I have this feeling so that nearer the end of this month I am not hit by my deadlines with what one would hope is not a nearly overwhelming pressure of stress and despair. 


Though they may at times be scorned, emoticons have power. The smiley communicates that the negative ending of the last paragraph is to some extent laughable, and I am, all the same, quite happy - or at least, if the smiley didn't communicate that, I have now.

And why am I happy? November 1 is usually thought of as a day after an "eve" - All Hallows' Eve. This November 1, however, is an eve for two pretty important things: nationally, it's the eve of elections across the country - the first general election in which I will participate as a voter; personally, it's the eve of the day my girlfriend and I will celebrate as our 18th monthiversary, i.e. our one-and-a-half anniversary, even our third bianniversary, as I think the term for a celebration of six months would be, or, if Urban Dictionary is to be the judge, our third dianniversary. Coincidentally, November 2nd 2010 will also be the 550th day of our relationship, so all the numbers are lining up.

So, what all this means is that, sometime after tomorrow, I will probably be writing about the election - and as to the results of my relationship, well, I already know that's wonderful.