The Innovation of Prezi

My distraction for the day has been the amazing innovation of Prezi. I've actually been a little disappointed this year not to have given any PowerPoints, but after discovering Prezi, I'm not sure I ever want to make a PowerPoint again.

Basically, the modern slide show presentation, made using PowerPoint or other programs, is limited because it's based on the same old idea of the slide projector - a linear progression of slides. Prezi is entirely different: The presentation consists of a single canvas containing all your topics, points, data, pictures, video - everything you want to present. Then, by determining the size of each of these objects, putting frames around them and creating a path between everything you want to show, your presentation becomes a zooming, flying, dynamic experience with unprecedented potential.

One secret hobby of mine is imagining myself being a teacher. The idea really remains one of my top occupational fantasies, if you will, and usually I think of myself teaching high school history, though French and other high school topics, as well as being a college professor also pass my mind. With my discovery of Prezi, have no doubt that this program will play into those daydreams.

Though my discovery was today, I actually first saw Prezi earlier this year in a DC Reads seminar. Never having seen this kind of presentation before, I was blown out of my chair. After the presentation, someone even asked how to make that kind of powerpoint, and unfortunately the presenter said they would tell the questioner later - leaving me in the dark (until now) as to how I could create such wonders myself. After seeing the program for the first time, I promise that you are going to want to make Prezis out of everything too.

But don't let me try to convince you of that any longer. Go to the link at the beginning of this post, click the "Explore" tab and see a Prezi for yourself.