The Missing Month

I wrote the following on February 17, 2010 - almost ten months ago - entitling the blogpost draft "Contentedness":
It's always disappointing to have a long break in posting, but I believe this last silence has been unprecedented. Tomorrow, it will have been a month since I've written here last. I really need a turn around, or the Publisher is simply going to fade away into oblivion.
The truth, though, is that I have been far too content to simply leave my blog be and carry on in my daily habits. In speaking at my high school graduation, I said the following:
Graduation [...] is not an accomplishment on which to fixate. Yes, we achieved much in order to make it here. We’ve crossed a threshold, and we’ve crossed out at least a page of tasks in that big book of a to-do list for our lives – but should we be satisfied? No.
Graduates: I want you to dream – right now. I want you to aspire. At this very moment, I want you to feel incomplete. I want you to be discontent. As grand as contentment is – and as grand as our well-deserved feelings of accomplishment are – we have to hunger to do more.
Now clearly I do more in my life today than simply sit around content with my high school diploma, and I'm sure all of my classmates do too. But all the same, I see that there is a threat from contentedness for everyone, and when used well, discontent can be a very constructive force.
Today I listened to a lecture conducted by
What lecture was it?! That is honestly how my draft ends, and I honestly have no memory of what lecture I would have attended. My phrasing indicates that it wasn't a lecture from one of my professors, but of the people I heard speak last year - Barack Obama, Václav Klaus, Ralph Nader, others I can't remember - I can't remember any who would have had much to do with "contentedness." I believe I kept my old planner, so maybe if I really care I can look in there. Otherwise I'll just let it stay a mystery.

Obviously this post got a little too ambitious in its scope for me to have the energy or interest to finish it. February 2010 is the only month ever since the beginning of this blog (May 2008) in which I failed to publish a single post. Now you know what I did write during that month - even though I never published it (for obvious reasons).

Fortunately, however, my melodramatic worry that the Publisher might "fade away into oblivion" turns out to be a load of nonsense. This summer was a huge dry spell for the blog as well, and I didn't really "turn things around" until a month or two ago. Even if I had kept posting prolifically here, I doubt that I would have maintained any steady readership. That was going to fade away regardless, if one thinks it ever existed at all. This blog has always been for me, and these last couple months prove that I can restart active blogging anytime I choose - and even missing a whole month, in the end, doesn't make any difference at all.