A Scheduling Success

It seems a storied tradition has developed on this blog of posting about my different class schedules at Georgetown. Here is the mention of my first preregistration, before I even became a freshman, (a very interesting post to look back on), here's the one for Spring 2010, and then there were several relating to my classes for this semester (this post ultimately being the accurate one).

So, with two semesters of college well behind me and another one soon to be on its way to join them, I now have for you my classes for Spring 2011. I am fairly certain there will be no changes to this schedule; unlike when I got my classes for this semester, this time I got a full courseload right from the beginning. Here it is!
  • West African History
  • Adv. French Grammar and Writing
  • China’s Evolving Role in Africa
  • International Trade
  • Philosophy of Education
I can even start giving these classes acronyms! Acronym-giving is a must in the organized world - at least my organized world. Here also are my predictions:

I think WAH will be awesome, purely because of the subject matter, even if the teacher is mediocre. I simply could not see myself without a history class in my schedule. It just wouldn't have been right. I wouldn't have been able to survive!

GEF (Grammaire et Écriture Français - though in this case I will likely toss the acronym and just say "French") will likely be pretty similar to when I did Advanced French I and II, except I expect there will be more formal writing assignments. I expect the class will have its ups and downs day to day and week to week; opinions of a class are far more variable when assignments and active participation are more frequent.

CERA is a once-a-week, two-hour 400-level seminar, so I basically have no idea what to expect in terms of content and discussion. I do know that this is a topic of great interest to me, and the professor has been a very important employee of the World Bank (or maybe it was the IMF). Regardless, I could either be in way over my head with a bunch of SFS seniors, or perhaps I'll be able to work my way through pretty well. Who knows?

IT, commonly referred to as ITrade, may be marginally annoying as a subject for which I have absolutely no love. On the other hand, I seem to fare pretty well with economics, and since this is a class that every other person in the SFS has to take too, I'm sure I'll be able to manage.

Lastly, I consider PE or maybe POE to be similar to CERA, as far as my predictions go. I feel likely to be one of few underclasspeople, and I don't know what to expect as far as classwork.

We'll have to wait and see!