My Day: 11th of Christmas, 4th of 2011

Back in this blog's heyday, I summarized my daily activities quite a bit - particular everything I did in a day of class at Kayhi. I don't think I've done the same thing for a long while, however, so here are my day's doings:

I woke up around 6:30 this morning, made an egg nog puffed pancake with my mom's help, and then ate a good portion of it at the table with my brother, mom and sister before the latter two went off to school together. Then I was up for a while before taking a nap around noon that lasted until 2, when I got up to drive to Schoenbar Middle School and give my sister a ride to her dance class. On my return, I read the book Oil & Water for while (which I've almost finished) before working for a long time moving a huge pile of wood from our back deck into the house to where our wood stove is. Then came dinner - taco soup and salad for me - and afterward I talked to my girlfriend for a while before playing Bananagrams with my family members up until I retired to bed and, a while afterward, wrote these words.

Merry 11th day of Christmas!