552 Days of Reading

I point you back to this post, written over a year and a half ago - 552 days to be exact. In that post, I noted that I had begun a list of all the books I finished (as in, read cover to cover) from the start of my senior year of high school onwards. Well, as an update, I think it merits saying that I have successfully continued this list.

It might seem a little mundane or even strange to keep track of all the books you read, but I'm actually very proud of myself for this accomplishment. When I tried to keep a diary in the past, I always failed, and this blog certainly isn't regular, so it's important to me to have some sort of truly consistent record of time passing in my life - and books are a pretty good way to keep track.

In addition, it really is a treat to be able to summon back old memories with my "books read" list as a tool. Without it, I'm sure there would be books I could never remember. I certainly wish I had started the list earlier in life; there are a lot of books I read when I was young that I'd love to know the exact information for. Also, the list gives me an exact reckoning of how often I finish books, as well as a general understanding of my reading habits in general.

Now, I won't post my whole list here, as I did before, but I will give you my three most recently read books: (I'd go back further, but that would get us involved with boring school reading.)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J. K. Rowling (November 30) - I read this out loud chapter by chapter for my girlfriend over Skype, while also recording it for her.

Oil & Water: Two Faiths, One God, Amir Hussain (January 4) - a Pakistani/Canadian/American academic talks about Islam and Muslim/Christian understanding and dialogue

Shamans and Kushtakas, Mary Giraudo Beck (January 6) - I wanted to read this last summer, but then picked it up several days ago because I knew I could read it quickly. Good stories!

So that's a tiny taste of some of my tastes. Would you like to know how many books I've read (fully) since I began the list? 64. I've fully read 64 books over 859 days, meaning one book about every thirteen days. Unfortunately, only 37 of the books have been read since the previously-linked-to post was written, over the length of 552 days, and the rate for that period of time is fifteen days. The change may seem slight, but it's clear that I am reading less.

Well, the fact is, I am definitely not reading less, but I am finishing fewer books. Instead, I read tons of excerpts for school and usually feel a little wronged when I'm assigned a whole book. You could easily say that the only reason I finished so many books during my senior year was because in high school, full books are often assigned reading (though how many students read the whole book is another matter entirely).

Hopefully I will be able to read one or two books for pleasure this next semester. After that, I will have to be ready for a book-filled summer.