First Days of the Fourth Semester

I believe coming back to Georgetown for this semester has probably been my easiest back-to-college transition yet - except in terms of sleep habits. I started writing this post around 5 am EST this morning (before going to sleep), since my body seemed to have still been ok with thinking of it as 1 o'clock Ketchikan time. ... But as to the other things - all has been very good.

For one, I quite enjoyed unpacking, and I even restrained myself from doing it all the night I came back, which is my usual procedure. Afterward, I did quite a bit of redecorating and reorganizing, to the point that now I can only think of one or two little things still to add.

Also - and probably much more importantly - I think all my classes will be great! After two days of class now, I have been in each of my five classes once, and I am thinking nothing but positives about each of them. Up until now, I hadn't quite realized why this was, but now I understand - it's because I can tell, after going to the first day for each of my courses, that none of them will be soul-sucking!

Today I bought most of my books, all at the bookstore. I know I'm kind of abandoning my past principles, but the reality is that buying books online isn't a panacea; they're expensive everywhere! I went on, which has been heavily advertised of late, and some of my books they sold were even more expensive than at the bookstore!

All in all, though, I think I will learn a lot this semester, and most of all, I'm going to work on having fun too!