Harry Potter: Love-Hate Turned to Full Acceptance

Two whole summers ago - July 16th, 2009, to be exact - I started a blog post and titled it "A Love-Hate Relationship with Harry Potter." This was all I wrote:
Little more than sixty hours ago I stood in line to attend the premiere of the film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Now, of course, I am much farther removed from watching that movie; I even remember having to edit the post from twenty-hour to the more ridiculous sixty hours, but obviously I did nothing else to finish my initial idea. I do, though, still think I know what I was going to write about.

To make a long story short, when I was young I was more cautious about expressing love for the Harry Potter books than others were - mostly because there were a lot of other people who expressed love for the books. (See bullet point 1 in this old post, where I talk about having a long history of suspecting popular things.) Later on, however, I realized more and more that my biggest problem with J. K. Rowling's books was Harry Potter himself: I just didn't like the character. (And you can read more about that here.)

I did, and do, however, still love the books. And so does my girlfriend! In fact, the first summer we were together, I recorded myself reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and gave it to her as an audiobook. Last semester, I read all of the Chamber of Secrets for her, and now I'm six chapters through the Prisoner of Azkaban - which is definitely our favorite book. So honestly, at this point I fully embrace the HP series for what it is; there's no need to dislike it on principle, or even dislike it at all.

Harry may continue to annoy me, from time to time, but I think all the other characters in his stories are wonderful. And above all else, you have to hand it to Rowling for creating magnificently-crafted plots in book after book (except for number five). So in the end, here's my message: If you haven't read all the Harry Potter books, you need to read them now. Watching the movies just doesn't cut the mustard.