Lauinger Library and Wind Off the Potomac

I would say that the fourth semester of my college career has gotten off to a very good start: I'm keeping busy, I'm getting things done quickly, I have good classes, and I have nothing to complain about.

Well, maybe I just have two things to complain about - but they're really just minor annoyances, and to be honest, I'm only going to write about them now because I felt like writing a blog post - not because they deserve the attention. As you might have guessed, the annoyances are the college library, and the wind.

Now, I've known about the wind at Georgetown since last year, but it was quite surprising when as a freshman I was assailed for the first time by thundering, bone-chilling air currents shuttling down the long wind tunnels on campus. And they really are quite annoying - especially when, on what would otherwise be a mild and perfect day to be outside, you get simultaneously pummeled and frozen just walking to and from class. Recently, the sky has been clear and the weather calm, and when the temperature is in the upper 20s or 30s, it's really not that bad to walk outside for two minutes in just a light sweater - unless of course the wind butts in. And it does.

Lauinger Library is assuredly the ugliest building on Georgetown's campus - but it has a soft heart. I've fallen in love with the place for the last three semesters, getting more and more familiar with the stacks and taking advantage of the huge array of books at my fingertips. In the past two weeks, though, I feel like Lau has betrayed be a little: Just since the start of this semester, many of the library computers have given me strange messages when I try to log on to them, forcing me to find another computer; when I printed out quotes for MLK Day, the computer messed up my formatting and on a couple occasions printed out in two pages what should have been on one (costing me extra, to boot); but finally, and most grievously, on three separate instances in the past two weeks, Lau has lied to me. A week ago, I looked up a book, and the online catalog said it was available. I looked on the stacks and it wasn't there. I was told to look in the reshelving carts, and it wasn't there. Just today, I went to get two books from the reserve shelves - which the online catalog said were available - and I was told they were missing and to come back in a few days.

Well, I understand if things happen to books, but I don't know why I can't be told the truth about them the first time. And wind - I know you're important too, but just don't be so serious, and you won't ruin the campus atmosphere.