Busyness, Boasting and Blog-doubt

My announcement and boast on this lovely Groundhog Day is that during this month of January, I published more blog posts than I have in any other January! After 2010 being the Publisher's least prolific year ever, I definitely need news to cheer up the blogger inside of me. If I kept up an average of 11 posts a month this year, I could even make 2011 my most prolific year.
Phil seems an amiable creature

Dark clouds of busyness loom ahead, however. By the 15th of this month, I will have to turn in a huge pile of application materials in order to study abroad in Strasbourg, France next fall. (Now that will be something to blog about - if I end up being willing and able to go.) I'm also starting to have my first serious class assignments pop up, so there is much work to be done. I think I should manage, though, and if not, I'll know it must have been due to spending too much time on things like blogging.

But I have recently had my doubts about this blog - not whether I should have it, but rather about its title. I guess when I was first trying to think up a name for my blog over two and half years ago, there was nothing avant-garde that I could really come up with, so I decided on the simple and alliterative Peter's Publisher - an explicit expression of my blog's nature as a writing outlet. Recently though, I've felt a little uncreative again, as if I should change the name to something less obvious, perhaps less self-centered. Nevertheless, I don't plan any drastic changes soon. If you have ideas, and if it matters to you, please comment.