Days of Action - But Not For Me

Protests continue throughout North Africa and Southwest Asia. (I use these terms because I believe "the Arab world" is unfair and "the Middle East" is stupid.) Seeming victory has come for Egyptians, but it remains to be seen what new system will be created for their country now that they've demolished the old. As far as I know, major protests are ongoing in Bahrain and Libya, with others elsewhere. Perhaps the only thing we can do is wait and hope, but it should be clear to everyone that there is a lot of courage being shown in the world right now.

As for me, I have not been so active, and I haven't been agitating for change. In fact, I think that today was one of my laziest days in a long time. While we're on superlatives though, I got my grade back today for an assignment I did a while ago, and while I think that it was the worst work I've ever done at Georgetown, I still got a B+. Grade inflation must be alive and well, huh? Well anyway, since I have Monday off, it shouldn't be so bad that I wasted all of Saturday. I just will have to start working hard tomorrow.