Looking Forward and Moving Slowly

Well, yesterday I was somewhat inconvenienced by spraining my ankle. I don't wish to explain how, but suffice it to say it was thankfully not the stupidest of all the stupid ways I've hurt myself in the past.

Basically I'm just going to go to my classes for the rest of today and the next four days, just getting "grab 'n' gos" from the cafeteria to avoid the inconvenience of going inside. I do unfortunately really have to renew my passport still, which may require a bus ride and a long metro ride, depending on whether I can even get a renewal appointment at a post office. Otherwise though, I plan on hanging out in bed and studying for my two midterms this week - not especially because I need rest, but because movement is so annoying (and slow).

I do really have something to look forward to, though: At 6:15 am on Saturday morning, I'm going to fly out of DC and go to Moorhead, Minnesota for spring break to visit my girlfriend at her college for the first time! I'm expecting it to be amazing, and my ankle should be much better then too.