Un Déjà Vu Ignoré

I realize that I have yet to write a post here en français, but I think that can wait, so soyez satisfait with a French title for now.

Two days ago, I was writing an assignment for my West African History class, the details of which I never wish to explain again in my life. (Suffice it to say that I still do not understand why exactly it was assigned or how exactly my professor imagined it being written.) While writing, I suddenly had a déjà vu - a thought that once, I had dreamt about this assignment and how confusing it was, and that, somehow, I had ended up not completing it.

Previously, it seems I've written seriously about "déjà vu" on this blog only once - in this post, which was written almost exactly two years ago. That post doesn't even refer to a specific déjà vu instance for me, but it does mention that I have the experience relatively frequently. I don't know whether this frequency has changed recently (probably not, but perhaps I should keep a déjà vu journal) but I think it's been true for a long long time that I will occasionally feel I have dreamed or foreseen something happening.

I will admit that my déjà vu experiences are actually something I treat with a great deal more superstition than anything else in my life. I do take them seriously, and almost always, when I have a déjà vu I will immediately do something silly, like spin around or say something nonsensical, in order to break the connection with something that might happen next that would continue to fulfill the memory.

When I had my déjà vu while writing my paper, though, I didn't pay attention; I ignored my intuition, and in particular, I ignored the urge to go back and deal with problems in my paper that to that point I had been leaving for later. And I was punished.

Last night I finished my paper, but realized there were still quite a few things I need to revise and a few missing parts to add. Unfortunately, I fell asleep, and when I woke up this morning, there was no time at all to change anything about my assignment before turning it in. It may well even be fair to say that this assignment, when I turned it in a few hours ago, was the worst quality work I've ever done at Georgetown. (Don't worry though, I think I'll probably still get a B.) Just as in my premonition, I failed to complete the paper to my satisfaction.

The déjà vu giveth, and the déjà vu taketh away. I realize that the phenomenon has nothing to do with foresight or prophecy, but it's times like these that really make one want to believe. I think that, when it comes to déjà vu, I will continue to be superstitious - just in case.

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