Almost to the Icelands

As of this blogpost, it is less than 9 hours until I will be flying out of DC National on my way to Fargo (International?) Airport by way of the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, as is so often the case when I am required to pack luggage, I am not ready yet. I am not quite sure why I am such a slow packer, but perhaps it has something to do with how organized I like to be, which means I have to move items in groups, gradually getting them closer and closer to their final resting places in my suitcase and backpack. Perhaps it's because I am very careful about rolling up my clothes as tightly as possible and packing everything like an intricate, logic-based jigsaw puzzle.

Perhaps it's because I'm spending too much time doing other things, like writing blogposts.

Regardless, I will be packed soon, and hopefully I'll get some sleep too. I can't wait to be in Minnesota! Until then, I will officially wish the month of March hello in the blogosphere, and congratulate myself on completing another month of relatively-prolific posting. Have my posts been shorter lately, missing the long, rambling arguments so frequently featured in the past? Certainly - but you'll have to deal with it.

As a preview though, I will say that if I do one of those long substantive posts in the near future, it will almost certainly be on education. Stay tuned!