The Future of the Blog

More and more these days, I am considering whether I will at some point in the future take down this blog. Over a month ago, I wrote that, while I wasn't doubting whether the blog should exist, I was considering a name change. Well, within that over-a-month I have definitely changed my mind.

More and more people utilize the internet for more and more diverse reasons these days, often including finding out more about a person. Although I often feel proud of how high up this blog is in the results of certain google searches, (though you do have to get a bit specific), that only further indicates how easy it would be for anyone looking to find out more about me - for whatever reason - to come here and potentially read everything there is on the Publisher.

Now, how personal really is everything on here? I have posts mentioning family members, describing daily activities, and discussing my weight loss two and a half years ago - not so personal at all compared to many photos, videos, and confessions on the internet. All the same, I have said quite a few controversial things in nearly three years of blogging, and even though I've now put up a "disclaimer" along the sidebar, which I'll quote in its entirety just for posterity's sake (and to save on repeating myself):
This blog was first created when I was but sixteen years old. It has now continued into my college years and will extend until who knows when. 
I know more than anyone else that I have written strange things on this blog; I've made arguments with which I would now disagree and used phrases I would never use again. All the same, I would not go back and alter the record of my development and growth. In part this blog's purpose is to preserve that history. 
As everyone changes, so have I. 
(Also note: Older posts may have seriously messed up formatting. It might have been my fault, but I blame Blogger.)
Impressions, perceptions and reputations mean a lot in life. Am I really so comfortable with myself that, if I were to become a high school teacher, for example, I'd be fine with my students being able to read the words of my sixteen year-old self complaining about being fat or ranting against U.S. foreign policy?

In another sense, though, without considering the whole professionalism issue, is it really conceivable or desirable for me to maintain this blog, as is, for the rest of my natural life? Already there is a split between the Publisher and the reality of my life. The Publisher continues to be very introspective, centered on all things from my point of view. For nearly two years, however, I have had an amazing girlfriend, and our lives are becoming more and more intertwined as time goes on. If in ten years I had a family of my own, would the Publisher still be just about me, or would it change to incorporate all the lives I would be inseparably linked with?

The question remains whether I should scrap the Publisher because of its baggage - and perhaps create a new blog, time permitting - or gradually change the Publisher into something better suited to my future. (Perhaps I may have the option to set my old archives to "private" or something.) I don't think I'll be able to answer the question any time soon.

In the more immediate future, however, it is important to note two things: First, I have decided that next semester, I will study abroad at the University of Strasbourg in Strasbourg, France. I met the deadlines in committing to the program and making a whole bunch of electronic signatures two days ago. Second, however, I forgot to apply to become an official Georgetown study abroad blogger - the deadline for which was yesterday. I'm already over it though, because as far as I can tell the Georgetown blog didn't offer much I would have wanted, and what it means for the Publisher is that, while I'm in France, there won't be any conflict as to where I should post my writing.

J'écrirais encore bientôt!