Rising Out of a Letdown

Well, after spending my spring break with my girlfriend, seeing her in person for the first time in over two months, it's more than a little depressing to come back to lonely old Georgetown. Just for a change here on the blog, I'll offer you a few other worries, complaints and feelings: My sprained ankle is getting better, and I don't think I'll be using my brace for it anymore, but I'm sure I still won't be playing in my team's soccer team tomorrow. I got a cold in my last few days in Moorhead, which is still hanging around, though it's almost better. My classes don't seem very appealing right now, considering that I got a B on my economics midterm and have another midterm coming up next week in my China/Africa class - which so far has been my favorite, but now I'm unenthused about my long research paper for it. I've got a lot of deadlines and work coming up, and decisions I haven't made yet, such as whether I'm going to study abroad next fall. All in all, it feels a little tough right now.

Still, it's not my style to be so negative. I know that I'll get through everything fine, and what's more, it's less than two months until I'll see my girlfriend again. Summer will be perfect!