The Bottom of the Slippery Slope

Well, every once in a while I think it's acceptable for the blog just to talk about the blog. Let's make it official: With this post. written April 11th, 2011, (AKDT, because even though I'm not home, the blog always runs on AKST/AKDT)...

I now have written as many posts in the year 2011 as I did in the entire year of 2010.

This is to demonstrate that the blog has fully recovered from what will become the unfortunate nadir of 2010 as soon as I write my next post. This equalizing post, however, nevertheless demonstrates that my slippery slope of blog decline has hit its bottom, and from here, the only direction left to go is up.

While I doubt that I will be a heavy blogger this summer - given how busy my summers always are with things important to me but not so relevant to readers - I know that I will have to blog a great deal when in France next fall - certainly more frequently than I'm blogging now, perhaps even daily! Those months should really boost my output, and readership as well! - since I assume the new experiences of an exchange student will almost certainly be more consistently interesting than my current collegiate ramblings.

In any case, the Publisher is back on its feet, and I also feel like things are looking up for me outside the online world: In exactly one month, I will have finished my sophomore year at Georgetown and will be halfway done with my undergraduate life. There's no going back!