The Path to Summer

Over the next 19 days I plan on going through a long and interesting denouement to my second year of college. Currently, I have a research paper on Senegal due tomorrow at midnight. (Perhaps I'll put it on the Publisher, but usually I end up not posting coursework here when I say I might.) After that, I'll be working hard this weekend on my last composition for Advanced French Grammar and Writing, as well as doing my last reading for my China and Africa seminar. Then all I'll have left is finals.

On Monday, my girlfriend and I will celebrate our second anniversary - in person! She's flying into D.C. in the evening and I absolutely can't wait to see her. At that point, we can explore the city and just be happy together, while in my spare time (or probably still most of my time) I'll study for my two final exams, write my two take-home finals, set up some storage for the next 8 months and otherwise just pack. On the 14th, we'll leave D.C. together, and by the 16th we'll be back home for the summer (although it now seems quite likely that I'll have to go to California).

Doubtless, this is going to be quite the roller coaster ride. I know I'm getting to the end, though.