I am a big fan of Sporcle, a quiz site that's taken the internet by storm. I think I first heard the name from other students when I first came to Georgetown, but had no idea what they were talking about. Then the founder of the site came and spoke here, and although I didn't go listen to him myself, I read the subsequent article in the Hoya. Afterward, I gradually tried out quizzes on the site more and more, and I've grown to enjoy it immensely.

Sporcle has quizzes about every realm of knowledge, trivial and useful, and not only are there published quizzes, hand-picked for their quality, but a vast reservoir of user-created quizzes also exists to be explored. I personally enjoy geography quizzes the most, and then history quizzes, when they're about topics I like. Quizzes based on things like word play and letters aren't my favorite, but I still play them often enough. Sports trivia would definitely be my worst subject, something I generally try to avoid. I honestly think that everyone should enjoy some type of trivia, though, so go find what you like.

And besides being fun, Sporcle is also very useful. Many of the students here at the SFS take a required course called Map of the Modern World, which understandably tests you on knowledge of the earth's countries and capitals, so Sporcle is the perfect studying tool. (Although I didn't have to take the class as I passed an exemption exam, I've used the same quizzes to sharpen my geographic knowledge even more.) And of course, since you can easily create your own quizzes after making an account, you might design your own quiz to help you study anything. So far I've created two quizzes, one on Alaska's ten most-populated boroughs, and the other, made just today, on Alaska's governors - neither of them to help me with coursework, of course, but very fun nonetheless.

For a long time, I never considered myself a trivia buff - perhaps because regardless of subject, I knew there would be people out there who knew more than me. With standard trivia questions, too, you never have any idea what you're going to get, and usually a single factoid matters a lot. Contests done in this way end up being rather random, and ultimately, trivial. With Sporcle, though, you can compare yourself after you're done with people who answered the exact same quiz that you did, and you don't have to take any quiz you don't want to. What's more, there's a great deal of knowledge out there to be learned from Sporcle - some of it very useful, and all of it very fun.