Dictated Doggerel

Tonight I had the idea of testing out Dragon dictation, which is an app I have on my iPhone, which as the name suggest takes down dictation. I'm currently speaking into my phone and generating this text which hopefully will be somewhat amusing on the blog as my last post of the month of May. So far my summer has been pretty good.

Now that I'm back to typing, I'll elaborate on my last sentence by saying that although there hasn't been much to complain about in my few weeks of summer so far, (at least while keeping a positive attitude), there are definitely things I know will change, and I know it is entirely incumbent upon me to make sure that these changes are for the better. For example, I am currently receiving an unacceptably low number of hours at my job, and within the next few days a decision will be made which may open up more time and wage money to me - or not, as the case may be. Regardless, change must happen: I'll either be working more hours in the same place, or I'll have to find myself more work - another part-time job, or perhaps a full-time one, abandoning the old entirely. I'll also be dealing with change as various members of my nuclear and extended family leave town for different trips, leaving me with various duties and other changes.

In sum, I should have more to write about soon.