Semester Reflections

I wanted to explain my feelings about this semester before I get my grades back.
Unfortunately, I wrote the sentence above ten days ago, and now I have already gotten my grades back - at least, 3 out of 5 of them. Nevertheless, I'm still going to write about my feelings for the semester.

I think that Spring 2011 at Georgetown pretty much turned out to be a wash. I mean that not in a negative way, but rather to say that all the things I've thought went badly this semester have largely been counteracted by positives, and in the end I feel that, even though this spring was quite unique as far as the experiences I had, it still wasn't uniquely bad or good, compared to my past semesters.

For one thing, I think this semester and year as a whole were pretty hard on my girlfriend. On the other hand, our relationship has made no turn for the worse, instead becoming even stronger, and for the past two weeks we had an amazing time together in DC and Seattle (hence there only being one blogpost during that time). Another example is my classes this semester, which at times I alternately thought might ruin me or would utterly bore me to death. Looking back now, I think they were a pretty nice mix of different subjects, and from the grades I've gotten so far there were no ugly surprises and I'm feeling pretty happy about it all. One last note might be my "getting out" factor: I don't think I saw as much of DC or did as many extracurricular things throughout this semester as I did in the past, but again, over the last two weeks my girlfriend and I had a ton of fun all over the city, and then spent the last two days in Seattle as well. I'll have to write a post about it all soon!

Until then, though, I will leave myself saying that my semester turned out pretty normal-feeling, and I will speak more of my current situation and thoughts in the days to come.