Heat Wave

Ketchikan was hit by a bit of a heat wave on the last day of May, and it stayed over a bit yesterday as well. Unfortunately, one thing I learned trying to find out what temperature it hit is that weather websites never live in the past; it seems like I can't find anywhere that would say what the weather was two days before. Nevertheless, I would guess that the high in Ketchikan for May 31, 2011 went well into the 80s, and was probably an all-time record for that day. (Today, for example, the record high is apparently 75 degrees.)

(Image: I took this picture of the town about a week ago on a fishing trip. I actually got a bit sunburned, but it was definitely not as hot as two days ago.)

I'm pretty sure the highest recorded temperature in Ketchikan was in the low 90s - and to a lot of people, maybe most people, that probably doesn't seem very hot for a record high. Still, everything is relative, and while I may stomach 90-degree heat in DC while I'm at school, dealing with 80s at home is basically unbearable. The town stayed hot for pretty much the whole day, and by evening I was really not a happy camper. Again, bear in mind, people here basically live in the constant shadow of overcast weather, and most of the time it's rainy and in the 40s. No one anywhere else seems to think that such a climate would be nice, but here we absolutely love it, and it's way more comfortable than you would think. I overheard people just today saying how it was too hot out for their taste, and I agree.

As far as I know, the only air conditioners in Ketchikan come pre-installed in cars. We don't want the heat!