Summer Scenes

Tonight will be my 3rd night at my aunt and uncle's house, as they and my cousin are all out of town for the next few weeks and I need to take care of their dog and cat. Here are a few nice pictures I've taken in the last few days:

On Friday night I was driving back to my aunt and uncle's from my girlfriend's house, going along the highway in the direction people in Ketchikan refer to as "north," although it's just as much going west. When I turned a corner, I suddenly saw a beautiful red sunset right in front of me. People out on the water had their boats going slowly as they stood out on their bows and enjoyed the view. Several cars were parked along the road, with people stepping out to stand and take it in. I parked as well, and then took several pictures. It was a wonderful moment, and it felt great.

Later that same night, I took my aunt's dog Emma for a walk. (She's actually my dog's sister; our families got the dogs at the same time from distant relatives in Alberta.) For a little while, the moon was bathed in cloud such that I initially thought, "What's that weird light in the sky?" before realizing the obvious. Later, though, the clouds cleared away, and I decided that the dog and I wouldn't turn back on our walk until I could get a lovely picture.
Today there were no cruise ships in town, so as a matter of course my bookstore was closed. Thus, I worked in my back yard, carrying logs for firewood and clearing out branches as well, all products of recent tree felling my dad did. Here's a view of the left side of the yard, showing for the most part the wood pile I made and the branch pile as well (to the left of the logs). Later I did some work for my grandpa as a Father's Day gift, cutting up pallets for fuel. It was all enjoyable, and I expect to do much more of these around-the-house jobs throughout the summer.

A few hours later, my girlfriend and I took a walk along the highway, and after I gave her one flower on a whim, we discovered that there were many beautiful wildflowers along the road. We took one or two here and there of many different types and colors, and eventually we had veritable bouquet, and a gorgeous one at that.

Summer is a wonderful time.