Use the Brush!

Here's my "protip" for people taking care of animals: Most pets (not including fish or birds) usually just love to be brushed! - and it's really a great way to endear them to you.

For about the first 36-48 hours I was in charge of my aunt and uncle's house, I couldn't find their cat Taffy anywhere. It was quite a mystery, considering that most rooms in the house had the doors closed and there were only so many places she could possibly be, but I contented myself with putting food in her dish and seeing its gradual disappearance as proof of the cat's continued yet invisible existence.

Then one day I actually found her, lying in her bed. At first I petted her carefully, but then turned to brushing the cat's long hair, and soon Taffy was purring like an engine from the little deuce coupe of Beach Boys fame. By now, Taffy is entirely comfortable with me around, and I can from the several times I've brushed her that she'd probably let me go on for hours and hours if I had the time to give.

Now only one problem remains - getting a brush for Emma.