Countdowns Beginning

August 15 is ending, and so this last month of summer is just about half over. It's now determined that I'll be leaving Ketchikan on September 1st - 16 full days lie between now and then.

I've also set up that I'm only working for five more days, days spread out over the next two weeks. Financially I've had a successful summer: For a while I doubted I'd make my original monetary goal, but now I know I'll reach that figure for sure, though I haven't quite made it yet.

My girlfriend is going back to school on the 28th, so that leaves only 12 full days remaining for the two of us. Tomorrow we're having our third bake sale of the summer, this time raising money for UNICEF and its work combatting the effects of drought in the Horn of Africa.

After a bit of a space where I didn't finish any books, I've had a big comeback in the last few days with my reading, finishing four books in the last four days, including Ordinary Wolves and The Discovery of France, which I wrote about nearer the beginning of the month. I also read La Leçon, a one-act play by Eugène Ionesco, which is a thoroughly insane drama of horror and absurdity (perfectly normal for the theatre, of course).

I don't know that I've really been hit by the reality of my going to France yet. I wish I had more time, and I know the time I have left is going to go by really fast.

I'd better increase my rate of preparation.