Three Days: Seattle-San Francisco-Seattle

I've now completed my three-day mission of visa application, the necessity of which was explained in this post way back in March. I won't give a blow-by-blow summary of the journey, detailing each of the lovely places I went and all the ways I spent my time, but I will say the trip was tiresome, invigorating, anticlimactic and exhilarating all rolled into one. Let me explain:

Travel can be quite tiresome, especially with four flights spread out relatively evenly through the course of three days. Flying standby, my girlfriend barely made our flight to San Francisco, which left at 6:30am, meaning we had had to get up around 4:00 after a very short sleep in Seattle. The two of us walked a great deal, especially in San Francisco, but all the same it was great to be outside and being so active.

The anti-climax to the trip came with the visa application itself: Instead of a sit-down interview I had expected, (and had been preparing for with a lot of French phrases spoken in my head), I found that the consulate had a very bank-like counter with glass above it, and instead of actually doing anything that would have required me to show up in person, all I did was hand my documents through the window and get my fingerprints and a photo taken. French bureaucrats need to understand what an inconvenience and barrier it is to movement for people to be forced to travel so far before they're allowed to go to France. If I could have gotten my fingerprints taken in Ketchikan and sent everything in the mail, the money from my entire trip would have been saved.

All the same, my travels were very fun and exciting, and it was great to see new places and do new things with my girlfriend, making a single dent in our big stay-home summer. Seattle and San Francisco are great places to visit, and I know I'll come down their way again - later, if not sooner.