English Break! - Alaska Quizzes

I thought I might just make one little post in English - considering that I likely have no real Francophone readers. My writing is French is pretty much entirely for my own benefit, so in penance for writing this, I will read some of Le Petit Prince tonight.

Today, lacking other things to do - besides getting groceries for survival - I created two new Sporcle quizzes. (See this previous post on the blog about Sporcle.) Combined with two other quizzes I made months ago, that makes a total of four unique quizzes I have created about Alaska. Try them out and see how you can do!

Can you name the ten most-populated boroughs in Alaska?

Can you name the ten governors of Alaska since statehood?

Can you name the ten longest rivers in Alaska?

Can you name the ten largest islands in Alaska?

Enjoy the profits of my research - and, if you are lacking in things to do with your time, check out Sporcle's thousands of other quizzes as well.