Travel Relaxation

People don't often associate travel with relaxation - and I'm sure most travelers have had experiences that easily prove why. Airlines and other businesses are constantly promoting new ideas that promise to reduce stress, but the fact remains that voyaging a long way will almost inevitably entail difficulties, delays and inconveniences of all kinds.

The most stupid thing in
Ketchikan International Airport
For me, however, getting to France will be relaxing. First off, I am sure to get all the sleep I need, as sleeping on airplanes is something I can do without even trying. Flying from Ketchikan to Seattle a few hours ago, my seat was surrounded by a huge group of young people from Eastern Europe, probably workers for a cruise line. They talked animatedly for the entire flight. At least, they did as far as I can tell, because I was awake for very little of the flight - maybe the first few minutes and last 60 seconds, with a few seconds awake in the middle. The woman next to me even had to tap my shoulder to get me to put my tray table up, since I'd put it down for a headrest. I sure hope I wasn't drooling in my sleep!

Now I get a different sort of relaxation - hanging out in SeaTac airport, sitting in a nice leathery chair, hooked up to electricity for my computer and phone, and basically doing whatever I want to do - like blogging. I have about three hours until I'll be able to get my tickets to New York and Paris, and after that I'll have another twelve hours before that first flight leaves. I think I'll have to find somewhere to sleep in the airport, but better to do it inside security once my big suitcase is checked.

Once I arrive in Paris, then the waiting happens all over again, as, like I mentioned in my last post, I'll have another twelve hours before my TGV for Strasbourg leaves. Even though I'll have to take a train and a 10 minute walk to get from the airport to the train station, I think my time in Paris will still be relaxing: With so much time, I can be as slow as I like! I think I'll probably just wander around, acclimatizing myself to France as much as I can.

For now, though, I'm still on the west coast of North America, and I probably won't post again until that is otherwise.