Top 10 Posts of 2011

Well, I figure that if I am going to write one more post in 2011, I'd better do it on December 30th, because on New Year's Eve I'll be sure to be occupied until 2012 has come. This will also be the 117th post of the year, making 2011 officially the year of Peter's Publisher with the most individual blogposts, more than the 116 of 2008 - though since the blog was started in May of 2008, I was writing quite a bit more often back then. (See the Hundredth Post of 2011 for more statistics on the blog.)

Another feat is that 2011 is most assuredly the year that has seen the most traffic coming onto Peter's Publisher - over 2200 individual visits, according to one of my statistics tools. 262 views alone have been of my article Alaska's Revenge, which starting a month ago has cashed in on the readership of the blog Strange Maps when an article there used an image I'd made. (I use "cashed in" figuratively, because although I've had ads on the site for quite a while, I've apparently earned a grand total of $2.19.)

In any case, without further ado I present to you a top ten selection from my 117 posts of 2011.
10. Alaska as a Country
a whimsical look at how the 49th state measures up to sovereign nations

9. Third Graders and the White House
a funny and educational day I spent at Kenilworth Elementary in Washington, D.C.

8. Alaska Redistricting: Gerrymandering and Racial Divisions
my first post addressing some of the disturbing and ridiculous proposals of the Alaska Redistricting Board, the worst of which thankfully didn't come to pass

7. Cruise Ships and Tourism - the Unconsidered Industry
in which I make a few comments on the effects of tourism in Ketchikan and how we might think about them more

6. The Blue Line B
Getting to know the city and suburbs of Strasbourg more (and working to achieve my goal to visit every tram stop) I rode the long B line from end to end and described what I saw.

5. A Cathedral and Some Totem Poles - More Similar Than You'd Imagine
an unlikely but interesting comparison between the totem poles of Southeast Alaska and the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Strasbourg

4. Walking to the Haguenau Forest
a detailed and photo-filled look at my fun day trip to the lovely Alsatian city of Haguenau

3. The Luxembourgish Dream
another day trip account, this one on me going to see the sights of Luxembourg

2. The USA vs. France #1: Some French Wins
six things I think France does better than America - from metric to milk

1. Saverne: Poetic End to a Semester
my last post written in Strasbourg, detailing an evening moment a week before I left where I climbed a mountain, went to a castle, and looked out over all Alsace
I can't assure you that these are the year's ten best posts, ten most interesting, or any other sort of superlative. They do however provide a great overview of my year, and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Happy New Year!