American Immigrants

Just a short thought for you today:

More than 95% of Americans are fully descended from immigrants who came to this land within the last five hundred years (not a very long time in the scheme of things). That being said, a great deal of U.S. citizens today have many complaints or concerns about newer immigrants here - questions about how they entered the country, what contributions they make to society, what resources they draw from government, the extent to which they take on American culture, and so on.

What I think, though, is that if these same concerned and complaining citizens all of a sudden became immigrants themselves, leaving the United States to go abroad, I think they'd be the most needy immigrants ever - constantly complaining, demanding to follow their own American language and customs in their new land, weighing down health care and other social safety nets, on and on.

Think about it - and if you disagree or just don't follow my meaning, leave me a comment and I'll say more.