An Education Mission for Anonymous

I just read a post from the great blog Schools Matter called Wild Dreams about Anonymous and Testing, written by Jim Horn. In it, the best part is the following awesome story:
And so I was thinking about all this as I drifted off to sleep last night, and I had the craziest dream. I dreamed that the hacker group, Anonymous, had shut down every data port that handles test score data and had posted these demands on the Arne Duncan's Facebook page and on every state department of education webpage: 
1. Stop using test data to keep students from receiving their diplomas or moving to the next grade 
2. Stop using test data to evaluate teacher effectiveness in any way 
3. Stop using test data to close down public schools 
4. Stop using SAT or ACT test data to make admissions decisions for college 
5. When students graduate from high school, all test scores and collected psychometric data will be handed to each student and all other records will be expunged from the data system. 
6. If these demands are met, your data systems may continue to operate. If these demands are not met, your data systems will be made useless. You have until summer vacation to make these changes at state and national levels. Welcome back to the real world.
I immediately realized this is a really great idea. In fact, I had just recently been reading about how the hacktivist group Anonymous has been waging an internet war against American nazi and white supremacist groups, taking down their websites and publishing their records, including ones from one group that show Ron Paul has regularly met with their members.

Why couldn't hacktivists do the same thing to fight for educational integrity? I wouldn't say all of the points in Jim Horn's dream are achievable, but as ultimatums, they certainly send a clear message about how key it is to reverse the disastrous effects that are being wrought by ongoing campaigns for educational "reform" (really educational destruction). A new direction needs to be taken, before things get even worse.

How about it, Anonymous? I think you should take up a new mission.