The Publisher's 365th Post

Let it be known that Peter's Publisher now has a grand total of 365 published posts. If I started tomorrow, I could review one of my old posts every day and it would end up taking a year! (though I wouldn't be returning to this date, February 20th, because in just nine days we have a leap day).

This is actually a little bit of a scary thought, that I have so many posts: I probably I haven't looked at the majority of my old posts since shortly after I wrote them! That means many have messed up formatting, (I have fixed quite a few, but I don't know what caused the problem in the first place), and it also means there may be things I said long ago that I really shouldn't want lurking around.

Granted, I do provide in my "About the Blog" section the following disclaimer:
This blog was first created when I was but sixteen years old. It has now continued into my college years and will extend until who knows when.  
I know more than anyone else that I have written strange things on this blog; I've made arguments with which I would now disagree and used phrases I would never use again. All the same, I would not go back and alter the record of my development and growth. In part this blog's purpose is to preserve that history.  
As everyone changes, so have I.
Still, there are certain things that my younger and more inhibition-free self may have written that would go beyond my limits of comfort. I wrote one post, for example, which alternately criticized and complimented a few of my high school teachers by name. Some time ago (but still long after I wrote the post) I went back and changed the names to initials, and removed a picture I had added of one of the teachers. (Why did I ever do that?) It is, after all, my official blog policy not to give the names of people I know personally, and I intend to keep that policy, unless I get to know some famous person...

In any case, Peter's Publisher continues, and this 365th post has now become a milestone.

How the Publisher looks right now