Hot Chocolate Addendum: Epicurean and Company

After writing this review of three places to get hot chocolate around Georgetown University, I was walking around in the northern reaches of the campus, (the medical area, mostly), and I realized there was one place on campus I had missed where I could buy hot chocolate: Epicurean and Company. Apparently this buffet-style restaurant - also with a hibachi restaurant on the side - used to be one of the universities cafeterias. Now it's a hangout mostly for medical students and hospital personnel, and probably for people who live at that end of campus who, (like me), think it's a long walk down the campus to Leo's Dining Hall (right where I live). The Georgetown campus is actually very small and compact compared to most universities, I think, but everything is relative, especially to lazy college students.

Anyway, realizing I'd overlooked Epicurean, I promptly went in and got a large hot cocoa, just as I'd done at all the other places. I immediately discovered this was the cheapest cocoa out of all four places, and the only one less than three dollars ($2.97). The taste was good - kind of a milk-chocolatey-syrupy taste like Starbucks, but also a little more refined than that, like Saxbys - but then the topping was weird, as had happened with the Corp. After going to all four of these cocoa distributors, I honestly can't choose only one to buy my hot chocolate from. I would give the Corp one more chance, and if they disappointed me again I wouldn't go back. Then I would probably go between Epicurean and Saxbys, depending on my mood and desired location. If I never went to Starbucks in DC, I would still be sure that I could always find it somewhere else.

Did you know I went to Starbucks in Basel, Switzerland? Look at their menu! (Hopefully you can make out the numbers, once you click on the photo to enlarge it.) Given that a Swiss franc was worth a bit more than a dollar and a half at the time, you can rest assured that I didn't buy anything.

That is why Americans should not complain about the cost of coffee.