Dreams, Predictions and Poetry

I recently created a new label - Europe - which was probably a long time in coming. Along with Asia and Africa, both created several weeks ago, I now have three continent labels, and it will probably stay that way for a while, since I am somewhat reluctant to do an "Americas" label, and I don't think I've written much of anything on Australia, Oceania or Antarctica. (It's kind of strange that so many continents start with A).

Anyway, I've noticed I have three labels in particular without a great number of posts behind them (ten or fewer). Those are dreams, predictions and poetry. Each is important and unique enough that I wouldn't want to get rid of it, but I have to admit that it's a rare occasion when I would happen to write something including any of these things. Now I will help change that, and this post will include them all.

my current labels, sized
according to the number of posts
It's been a while since I've had any dreams in my sleep - at least any that I remember. It seems as if one's dreams only happen at the end of your time asleep. Is that because the ones at the end are the only ones you might have a chance of remembering? At times I think I would love to be a sleep scientist - if I had pointed my education toward medical science, which I don't think was ever likely. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has this page about sleep science as a career. If you're still in high school and love biology, I think you should go for it. Why? Well, each person spends a third of their life asleep on average, but we still don't understand very much about it. We know sleep is essential for survival, and we know it influences the efficiency of functions like memory, but it terms of what it really does for us and how it really works, sleep is still a huge mystery.

In any case, I do have dreams of another nature, namely, dreams of what I want for my future. My first dream is to marry my wonderful girlfriend and spend an unbelievable lifetime with her. I also dream of seeing new places around the world, both as a traveller and as part of work and service directed toward those less fortunate than me. I have a dream of witnessing incredible global change over the course of my life - change toward a more united, more peaceful, more just and more equitable human community. Then I dream of living in a beautiful, nature-filled place where I can make a difference in other peoples' lives and understandings of the world. Is all that too much to ask?

As for predictions, I'll take care of some easy ones first: I'll spend the next year at Georgetown, writing a thesis, taking a few classes and possibly doing some internships. (None of that is for sure yet, so it's a prediction.) Here are a few others: Fran├žois Hollande will be elected President of France in a week, and Barack Obama will be reelected in November (even without my vote!). As for some wilder predictions, I think some of the fundamental structures of the E.U. will have to change in the next ten years, as will the relationship between North and South Korea that has prevailed for the last sixty years. (Don't ask me why I think these things; I'm just trying to play Nostradamus, but in a less poetic way.)

Speaking of poetry, it must be said I haven't thought about poetry - much less written it - for quite some time. That said, I'm always open to making an attempt.

Trees outside my window
Who've been dead to me so long,
Your arms have lept back to life
Confronting my vision with reptilian green.

Too often ignored but too long absent
Your leaves contextualize
And harmonize
The seasonal flow of our subconscious settings.