Finally - Graphing the Publisher's Visits

Since the very beginning of this blog in May 2008, I've used a Site Meter counter to keep track of all of the blog's visits and pageviews. Since it only seems to be able to show the records going back one calendar year in the past, however, I have kept my own Excel sheet with a record of all the monthly tallies.

Now, after finally having taught myself how to make graphs using Excel, (I was forced to by homework from my International Finance class), I think I can post for the very first time a chart displaying the Publisher's internet traffic statistics, reflecting its history so far from May 2008 through the end of March 2012.

Sometimes internet stats can be fickle. At first, I believe Site Meter counted all of my own visits to my site, but then after a while I figured out how to prevent that. Blogger itself started keeping track of the stats a while ago, and lately I've also started a cool thing called Flag Counter that you can see in the sidebar. That said, all three of the different trackers give different results on my traffic, so I'm going to stick with the one I've had from the beginning.

my current Flag Counter with
the twenty top visiting countries
You can see from the graph above that in the beginning I consistently had around 200 visits and 400 pageviews a month - probably a lot of them my own, but also quite a few from elsewhere. I got involved in the political blogosphere, visiting blogs on Alaska politics a lot, and I even got into comment controversy on topics ranging from animal rights to pacifism. After little more than a year of that, though, my visits started going downhill, likely the direct result of my decreased posting and my much decreased involvement in the wider blogosphere.

In late 2010 I started writing more again, but that didn't improve my traffic too much, even with a spike in April 2011 when I wrote extensively on Alaska redistricting. What has really pushed this blog to record visits began after I went to Strasbourg and started writing pretty interesting posts to share with friends and family (like this!). Then, however, there have been some extremely popular individual posts that continue to bring in lots of hits. Alaska's Revenge is by far my most popular post ever, having brought in 569 views. There have been some surprising successes taking second and third, though: François Hollande à Strasbourg, written just a few days before Alaska's Revenge last November, and then much more recently Les Personnages et l'identité dans l'Aventure ambiguë, which is a paper I wrote for my French class this semester and posted here two weeks ago.

What this shows, of course, is that the popularity of a blog can be tied to two different things: consistently writing a lot of good posts that attract a sizable following, or writing a few posts that score huge successes in picking up Google searches or traffic from other sites. Now, my goal with this blog obviously isn't to gain lots of internet traffic and become a full-time blogger. It's really just a motivator for me to write, and to share some of my different interests and experiences. That said, I do like that the blog has gained a lot more hits lately, and I hope that the Publisher's connections to the rest of the internet grow even more interesting in the future.


  1. Hello! Sorry for offtopic post. I have not my own blog but I am addictive flag collector. Can you visit my Flag counter to give me first flag of Alaska? It´s quite rare flag! Thank you very much!

  2. I'm so sorry, but I'm not in Alaska right now! I will be there a month from now, and if I remember I will visit your site then. I noticed that you didn't have the District of Columbia flag, though, so I just gave you that!


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