New Appearance and Jump Breaks

I've now decided to try something new with the blog. Yes, that's right, I'm trying out jump breaks, which means you have to click "read more" to read the rest of this - unless you're already on the individual page for this post.

For me, sometimes "read more" buttons on other websites can be annoying, and indeed, if I get any negative comments on my usage of this technique, I'm sure I'll discontinue it. That said, it can also get a little annoying when I make a really long post (like this, which is my most recent) and you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to move down to the next subject. For my own use of my site, I most often click on individual posts in order to read them anyway, since that's the only way to see the comments. I actually can't set my posts to automatically have jump breaks, however, so all my old posts will remain the same - left together in their entirety - and it's only from now on that you may see "read more" on the Publisher. If anything, the practice may get me to start my posts in much more interesting, engaging ways! That would be an improvement.

Today I have also changed the blog's appearance: It had stayed the same for nearly three months, with a header of the MLK Jr. memorial statue and a background of Georgetown viewed from a ways downriver. (I have a picture of it in this post.) I had also moved my sidebar over to the left, just to try something new. Now I've switched it back to the right, and the color theme of my writing has switched from red to blue. My header has Georgetown's Healy Hall (some of it) and my background is a photo I took of the Capitol in the evening. Here's the photo:

So here is the new blog appearance, which as you can see just features the upper left of the photo:

Since I'm prone to tweaking things, this might change a little bit in days to come. If you're a regular or a random reader, any reader at all, let me know what you think!