21 and Still Young

Here are my previous birthday-referencing posts on the blog: my 17th, my 18th, and my 20th. Now today, (or actually yesterday), I turned 21, and my biggest takeaway from it was that I'm still extremely young. I still have a full nine years to be in my 20s, and nine years is much longer than the time I've spent so far being a mature semi-adult seriously thinking about my future (which I'd argue has been about 3-4 years).

I'm also going to graduate from college in one year only, and even if I go to a graduate program afterward, that won't take much extra time either. Any way you slice it, I'm going to be moved out, independent, and living my own life pretty soon. I don't really need to rush anything: I just need to make good and responsible decisions as time goes on.

As long as I'm making those good choices and enjoying each day, week, and month to the best of my ability - while also meeting deadlines and accomplishing all those little things to be done - I don't mind being young at all. In fact, being young is a wonderful thing, and I'll take advantage of it as long as I can.