Top 5 Posts of Spring 2012

In celebration of having finished my junior year, and in the spirit of Top 10 Posts of 2011, I now give you five of my favorite posts written this semester at Georgetown. (Note that the countdown goes from oldest to most recent, and isn't a ranking of the posts.) I couldn't say these are my five very best posts of the last four and half months, but they are certainly some of the best to read and enjoy.

5. Waiting for Better Than Waiting for Superman
After watching this horrendously biased, simplistic, and outright dangerous documentary on education, I felt the least I could do was write a thorough criticism of it.
4. The USA vs. France #3: Some Mixed Wins
The last of my "USA vs. France" posts, I wrote this one a few weeks after I'd left Strasbourg, and I addressed six topics where I don't see a clear "winner" between France and the United States.  
3. Specialization, Generalization, and Inspiring People with History
The title explains most everything: It's my personal perspective on how I wish to generalize in my studies and make a difference in inspiring others. 
2. Continued Patriarchy: The Lack of Women in State Legislatures
Part of several posts where I created my own maps, (all of them maps of the fifty states, colored according to various criteria), this post shows how all states - and some much more than others - fail to give women equity in the membership of their state legislatures. 
1. The Senegalese Election: An Inspiring Victory
My first bilingual French/English post since I left France, this post celebrates Macky Sall's election as President of Senegal, replacing Abdoulaye Wade, who had pursued increasingly undemocratic goals.
As of this moment I'm in Washington National Airport, waiting to fly home with my girlfriend. I've had a wonderful semester and I'm looking forward to an amazing summer.