Scout Willis and a Northwest Coast Design Dress

I never read celebrity news, gossip news, or anything like that. Never. However, tonight while I was reading an article on some news website about Scott Walker's election win in Wisconsin or some other thing like that, I noticed an amazing picture in the sidebar. It was a slideshow of news stories, and the picture I saw showed a woman's face with the shoulders and chest of a very distinctive dress. I clicked on the picture right away.

Scout Willis in a great Northwest Coast
design dress. Image taken from here.
One of the amazing things about Northwest Coast Native art is that, once you know how to look for it, the style is unmistakably unique. All I had to see was a few lines (the eyes and eyebrows on the dress) to know it was a design from my region of the world. When it comes to the particulars of the full-length dress, there I am much less certain. The two figures on the dress are strange, with faces that look like they could belong to a bear or other mammal, but bodies that look aquatic. I don't really have a guess as to the intent of the design or heritage of the designer, but come to think of it, the most likely scenario might be that the dressmaker isn't Native at all, and they were simply imitating Northwest Coast artistry.

Nonetheless, I really do like the outfit, and I'm kind of impressed that some minor celebrity was sporting Northwest Coast style at a New York party, of all places. I don't care about Scout Willis and her drinking, or that she's Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter. I appreciate, however, that Ms. Willis can appreciate Northwest Native design, and I would invite her if she's ever in Southeast Alaska - and anyone reading this as well! - to visit Ketchikan's Totem Heritage Center. There you'll see some amazing original totem poles, weaving and carving, and if your timing is right you can even join a class! I'm thinking about trying out carving this summer; I'll let you know if I do.