Governor Gender Rehashed: The NAFTA Bloc

Well, I know I posted a map just about two weeks ago that shows the gender of U.S. governors and Canadian premiers, and within those two weeks nothing has changed. However, I haven't posted a map on this blog yet that is truly North American - which is to say, a map including Mexico. (I know Central America and the Caribbean are also part of North America, according to the standard categories, but Mexico rounds out the countries that only belong to North America.) So, even though not too much is different, here is my first homemade map ever that has the entire NAFTA bloc - Canada, the United States and Mexico. Take a look:

As you can see, only one state of Mexico has a female governor. That means Canada has a rate of 31% female premiership, U.S. has 12% female governorship, and Mexico comes out last with 3% female governorship. I'm sure my professor, whose theories on patriarchy I mentioned back in this post, would not at all be surprised by this map. The fact is, no matter how advanced the United States and its neighbors might think they are, their politics is still highly dominated by males, and in my opinion it suffers for it.

Now, here's your job as readers, if there are any of you out there: Give me suggestions of maps I can do involving the territories, provinces and states of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico - preferably things that will connect states across national borders. I could, for example, rehash my recent map of indigenous populations, this time including Mexico. Let the cartography continue!