Main Colors of the States' Flags

In celebration of Independence Day, I thought I might post a new map I've made that shows the main color used for each of the fifty states' flags. Hopefully it's a unique way to look at state flags that you've never seen before!

The colors aren't precise on my map: I split the blues into two groups, dark and light, and I put Maryland under yellow because I thought it stood out the most, even though all four of its flag's colors (yellow, red, white and black) cover an equal area. The color of Delaware's flag is kind of an undefinable blue-green, so I lumped it in with the light blues.

There's an interesting geographic difference when it comes to red being dominant: It only happens in the South. I made Hawai'i red as well, but I can't be sure if that really takes up the most area of the flag, since white is pretty close too. Besides red, all the other colors readily defy any sort of geographic or social pattern, although yellow belongs only to Democratic-leaning states, and Washington really sticks out with its green. If Washington's flag wasn't so corny, (having George Washington's face on it), I think it would be one of my favorites because of its color alone.

As it is, Alaska's flag is certainly my favorite: The blue of its background may be heavily used, but its simplicity, originality and meaning really stand out from the crowd. After my home state, I really love Maryland and New Mexico. Again, simplicity, meaning, originality and pretty colors will always win the day. To every state in the Union, regardless of your flags' colors, happy Independence Day!