A New Metro Plan to Pursue

If you were looking at this blog about a year ago, you may have noticed my maps of the Strasbourg tram system - here, here, here and here. I took a map of the system and then edited it using the "Paintbrush" program on my computer in order to make a record of the stops I'd visited. Eventually I went through all of them! Now I've decided to do the same thing again, this time with the Washington, D.C. Metro system.

Now, I have of course visited many of the Metro stops in my past three years at Georgetown. However, as I can't remember everything exactly and have no way of being sure of all the stops I've been to, I decided to start over. My map will record all of the metro stops I visit this year - my senior year. Here is how it looks currently:

As with my Strasbourg tram maps, I will make a distinction between stops that I only pass through on the tram or train and stops that I actually get out and visit. However, unlike the Strasbourg tram system, entirely above ground, most of the Metro stops are underground, so the stop won't turn green on the map if I just get out of the train: I'll have to leave the station. Unfortunately, that means more money spent, because with Metro you have to pay for each trip that goes from entering to exiting the system, while in Strasbourg I got a monthly pass.

We'll have to see where I end up going. I can possibly get unlimited day passes for the metro that will allow me to make lots of stations green, but I don't have a goal of visiting every station. I just hope to visit a lot of new places in DC, and this map should be a great way to encourage me to do it.