The Six Towers Across the Potomac

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Living in Rosslyn, Virginia, I travel across the Key Bridge every time I have to go to Georgetown, and most of the time I walk. Doing that, I'm given a whole lot of opportunities to look across the Potomac at the Georgetown skyline, and every once in a while I take pictures, like the one that's currently the header for the blog.

Just two weeks ago, though, I went up onto some pedestrian skywalks, where I hadn't gone before. (Rosslyn's Wiki article talks about the system.) What I found was my best view yet of six towers: The two towers of Healy Hall, the two towers of Lauinger Library, and the two towers of the National Cathedral.

To the left is a photo of the skywalk crossing over the Lee Highway to the Arlington Gateway Park from my vantage point over North Moore Street. The pedestrian walkways aren't beautiful, to be sure, but they do have nice plants growing around and on them, and I think they help me get over to the Georgetown shuttle stop just a little more quickly, since I don't have to wait at traffic lights.

Also, of course, the walkways gave me the following views:

In the photo above, the two towers of Healy Hall dominate, as they do on the Georgetown campus. To the right, the towers of Lauinger Library interweave with those of the National Cathedral, and although the latter building is obviously much taller and larger, perspective makes them about even here. If you want to know exact heights, the Cathedral is 91 meters tall, Healy is 61 meters, and for Lau, I can't find any statistic on its height, but it would be deceptive to take a guess from this picture, since its base is much lower than Healy's.

This photo shows the towers spaced out more, and clearly shows the scaffolding on one of the National Cathedral's towers, after it suffered damage in that big East Coast earthquake in 2011. I missed out on that, since I was home in Ketchikan for summer break and was heading to France anyway, rather than DC. I'm glad Healy Hall didn't sustain any damage like that. Lauinger Library, of course, could not be harmed, since it is a concrete brutalist beast (with a soft heart).

I think the above photo's view is just about straight north, since longitudinally National Cathedral is slightly to the east of Healy and Lauinger. Just look at the neatly-labelled Google Maps screenshot I took for you! National Cathedral was much farther away from my vantage point as photographer, but it still has quite a presence.

I hope you enjoyed this totally mundane and uncontroversial photo-post! Until next time, I will continue doing homework, working on my thesis, and going about life in Virginia and DC.