"Personnages" Passes "Revenge"

Here's some brief internal blog news for you: The Publisher now has a new most popular post! Les Personnages et l'identité dans L'Aventure ambiguë has had more hits now than Alaska's Revenge, the most-visited post on this site since not long after the moment I posted it. Maps That Infuriate Me: European Claims to North America has also been on the up-and-up and is currently in third place. Besides those three, no other posts on this blog even come close to having had as many hits.

"Alaska's Revenge" was something I wrote almost exactly a year ago, after the popular blog Strange Maps put an image of mine in one of its posts - Ten Map Shorts. (The author essentially had ten maps lying around that people had sent him, including me. He didn't know what to do with them, so he threw them all together in that post.) I had made the image itself about two and a half years before that, but I only wrote about it after I saw Strange Maps publish it, and then I left a comment on the post linking people to my explanation of the image and its purpose. Of course, it was the link from that popular blog that got my post tons of visits, and made it the Publisher's most popular for nearly a year. Over time, though, it's gotten fewer and fewer hits, as has (I assume) the associated post on Strange Maps.

West African section of
flag map I posted here
"Les Personnages et l'identité dans L'Aventure ambiguë" is a few months younger than "Revenge," dating from last March. It was merely an essay I wrote for my French class at the time, Tradition and Modernity in Francophone Africa, and I had posted select college assignments of mine on the blog before - even one from my last year in high school. I've never gone around posting links to this post anywhere else on the internet; from what I can tell, it has gotten its hits almost entirely from Google searches.

my Flag Counter map of West Africa
- note absence of Guinea-Bissau,
Sierra Leone, and Eq. Guinea
Interestingly, the majority of visitors seem to be West Africans, searching for information about the novel L'Aventure ambiguë and its characters (ses personnages). Côte d'Ivoire ranks fourth among all nations in the number of visitors it's sent to Peter's Publisher - even more than Germany, the U.K. or Australia! Senegal, Burkina Faso and Gabon all rank within my top twenty countries as well, as you can see at right in my Flag Counter box. The novel has the status of a classic, and it's probably assigned a lot in school, as it was for me. Thankfully for the Publisher, I guess, there must not be that much online about the book, and so my writing about it (in very imperfect French) has garnered a noticeable amount of attention, now officially making it my blog's most popular post.

Anyway, I will now return to my writing of final papers. Until next time!