Top 10 Posts of 2012

At the end of every year, I tend to do the same thing: I write a blogpost about how itʼs the end of the year—or at least the end or beginning of something. Just look at these posts from 2008, 2009, Jan. 2011, and—one year ago—Dec. 2011. In that post from last December, I listed off my "top ten" posts for the year, selected by me to reflect the diversity of my experiences through the year. Now I've decided to continue that tradition.

The following blogposts are listed chronologically, from January to December—ten of what I believe are some of my most-interesting, and most varied posts written in the year 2012.
10. Waiting for Better Than Waiting For Superman
a searing critique of biases and failings in this enormously overrated film about American education
9. The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
reliving the wonderful day I first saw the MLK Memorial—on the first MLK Day it was open, January 16, 2012 
8. The Senegalese Election: An Inspiring Victory
describing how the Senegalese people threw out a corrupt and power-hungry president in an amazing election victory in March! 
7. Science and History: Becoming Part of the Whole
waxing philosophic on individuals' ability to connect with the universe through knowledge and inquiry 
6. Percentage of Indigenous People in Each Territory, Province and State
just one example of my many mapmaking endeavors this year, this one quite successful in getting hits 
5. Last Day in Ketchikan
"I will, of course, be coming back to Ketchikan sometime, but never again in the same way." 
4. Alaska Without Anchorage
a humorous consideration of what my home state would be like without its most populous city 
3. Gaza in Google-Supported Geographic Comparisons
attempting to put life in Gaza into geographic/spatial perspective
2. Those Who Can, Teach; Those Who Can't, Make Education Policy
an indictment of current power dynamics in American education, as politicians continually diminish teachers' autonomy and capacity for leadership
1. Strasbourg, One Year After
a photo-filled return to one day in my life in the wonderful city of Strasbourg, France
So that's it. There were tons of posts I wish I could have included, like Specialization, Generalization, and Inspiring People with History; Quick Alternate Histories: A Franco-German Empire; Learning Lingít: A Personal Wish and a Cultural Imperative; Living on One Dollar and the First Presidential Debate; and China: Greatest Barrier to Korean Reunification? Just consider those five honorable mentions. What can you do when you write 117 blogposts in a year? I write about all sorts of crazy stuff, and I hope some of it exhibits moments of brilliance, though I know those moments never last for more than a paragraph or two.

Anyway, that's all for the year 2012. I know 2013 will be a huge year of change for me, including graduation from Georgetown, and afterward, movement toward starting a new life and a career. There will be plenty of time for me to worry about that in the coming months, though. For now, happy new year!