Facing My Last Semester at Georgetown

Georgetown blanketed in
morning fog some days ago
Well, you might notice in my sidebar that I haven't written many blogposts this month—the first month of this blog's sixth (!) calendar year. (It makes me feel a little old to say I've been blogging for six years, and perhaps it makes me seem a little behind the technological times, but I hate Tumblr and I wouldn't be very good at vlogging, so this is what you get, for now.) The reason I haven't written much largely has to do with two types of busyness: my busyness during my last week of vacation in Arizona, and my very different busyness here in D.C. because of Georgetown schoolwork. That second busyness largely centers on my thesis, which I posted about most recently here. In that previous post, I displayed my semester's work on drawing up a prospectus—an introduction and plan for the thesis. This semester, I actually have to write the thesis—and it's going to be a challenge.

Considering the challenge ahead, I really feel bad for my compatriot thesis-writers-in-arms who may be taking a full load of five courses this semester, our final semester at Georgetown (or at least the final undergraduate one). As for me, how many courses am I taking? Two.

in my time spent away
from writing, I like
making corn muffins
Last semester I took four courses, so that was one less than a full load, but it's really a little ridiculous to think I could get away with only taking two courses in my last semester. In part this is because of credits I received from my five AP classes taken in high school, and also because I received more credit than I expected from my courses taken abroad in Strasbourg. Then of course there's the fact that every year in registering for classes I've always focused on fulfilling my "core" requirements and major requirements, rather than searching for fun electives. For me, it was almost always the courses related to my major that were the most fun to take! And what about getting my money's worth from the school? Well, Georgetown has been very capricious in terms of the financial aid it's offered me each year, (it's never been consistent), and that definitely has had its disadvantages. (I was on the fence about whether I would stay in school for this semester all the way up to the last minute, when I was finally able to look at the real bill.) That having been said, let's just say Georgetown offered me the best deal yet for my senior year, so that really helped me decide to stay, even when I could have graduated early.

So, what are my two classes? The first of course is my thesis seminar, part two of what I took last semester. It only has half as many students as the first iteration, though, since we split into two groups to better facilitate helping each other as we write. (This was Georgetown's largest cadre ever of students wanting to write history honors theses.) The second course is called French Speaking Africa: Languages, Literature and Culture, and it's from a professor I took last spring as well, a course I mentioned here which also produced my most popular blogpost ever, an assignment I did on the novel L'Aventure ambiguĂ«. Perhaps if I post one of my assignments from this current course, that will become a search engine hit success story as well. For the most part, I'm taking this course on Africa (taught in French) because I know it will be fun and interesting. It may have nothing to do with my thesis, but I know I will be spending enough time thinking about my thesis as it is.

Speaking of which, I think it's time I go back to writing my thesis. Bye for now!