A New Blog: Teaching in Lingít Aaní

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Last Friday the other master's students and I had a one-day technology workshop with our UAS education technology professor. We won't be taking his course until September, but I appreciated that the workshop gave us a jumpstart on what we'll do in the coming months. Most importantly, the professor had all of us create a website that will serve as an online portfolio for class assignments.

Most of my fellow students created an e-portfolio using Google Sites, but my own experience with that service has led me to feel that it's highly limited, and somewhat frustrating to work with. I far preferred its predecessor, Google Pages, which I used to create projects like this one. (It doesn't look as good as it did originally, since it was switched over.) Instead of using Sites, I opted for another Google-owned service that I'm much more familiar with: Blogger.

My new blog is entitled Teaching in Lingít Aaní, and my posts there will cover my thoughts about education, summer classes here in Juneau, upcoming technology class assignments, and my upcoming year of student teaching, which I'm very much looking forward to. My first post on the blog covers its creation (as I'm doing again here), while the second post reflects on my lovely recent visit to the Alaska State Museum.

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Rest assured, I plan to continue Peter's Publisher as well, since there are plenty of things I will want to write about in the future other than teaching. And although I am using Blogger for both blogs, I did step out of my comfort zone when creating Teaching in Lingít Aaní: I decided to use Blogger "dynamic views" for TLA, which means the blog posts can be variously displayed in classic, flipcard, magazine, mosaic, sidebar, snapshot, and timeslide styles, according to the reader's preference. Though the fact I only have two posts on the blog right now makes the styles seem less than impressive, I think they'll come in handy in the future as I write more and more.

Note that I haven't applied "dynamic views" to Peter's Publisher, and I don't think I ever will. Making that switch would likely screw up the formatting for the majority of my 488 posts published here, and the dynamic views layout is still very limited in its ability to host ads and third party gadgets in the sidebar. In any case, I'm satisfied with the tried and true reliability and customizability Blogger provides, and I promise I'll keep on blogging.