Featured on the Alaska Blog Network!

I am now a featured blogger on the Alaska Blog Network! It's a growing community of great bloggers in Alaska, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Alaska Blog Network
I wrote a short guest post for the site that introduces me, the Publisher, and my new blog, Teaching in Lingít Aaní. In my post, I began by explaining how my family came to Alaska, and then moved on to how I started blogging—unsurprising topics for a historian who loves finding the reasons for things.

I joined the Alaska Blog Network a few months ago when its founder (who blogs here and here) told me about her project. I was really excited to join, since I'd always lamented the small number of Alaskan bloggers I knew and the lack of networking between us. I especially like the two organized lists of blogs on the ABN—one by subject and one by location. I'd love to see some more teaching blogs and blogs from Southeast Alaska there soon.

If you happen to be another blogger from Alaska reading this post and haven't joined the Alaska Blog Network yet, go do it now! The Great Land always needs more writers, and building a community between us will be splendid.