Featured on Alaska Commons!

My recent post "Why Black Bears and Brown Bears Aren't 'Bears'" has now been featured on Alaska Commons, a website with all sorts of articles and features from Alaska writers. Although it has no comments after two days, I was flattered to share my writing and I hope a few more people enjoy it now.

This follows just three weeks after I was a featured blogger on the Alaska Blog Network, which Alaska Commons is also a part of. I'm quite happy to be finally connecting Peter's Publisher with other parts of the blogosphere, especially the Alaska blogosphere.

current blog appearance
When I think about it, though, I'm not regretful the Publisher was rather unconnected for its first five years of existence: As I note on my "About the Blog" page, this blog's primary beneficiary has always been me—not anyone else. The Publisher has pushed me to write frequently, to record my thoughts in an articulate or semi-articulate fashion, and to connect with diverse topics. As I've also written, there are many posts on this blog from the past that I wouldn't exactly brag about today, whether that's because of questionable opinions I had or questionable ways I had of expressing them.

In any case, I feel now that my blogging may finally be coming of age. I've set off on a career path now, and if all goes well I'll only be a formal student for one more year—though of course I intend to always be a learner. In the midst of working as a student teacher and (presumably) a teacher, I think I will still try to make time for blogging.

Maybe I'm just getting sentimental as I approach the Publisher's 500th post—this is number 493—but blogging is a lovely pastime. Writing in varied ways is wonderful, and sharing your thoughts with others is just a bonus.